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Incoherent Musings and Other Schlock

Mark Leno says it better than I ever could. Regardless of winning back the right of marriage in an election, this ruling leaves the door too wide open for any other minority's rights to be taken away.

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I wish Perez had never asked the question. I wish that Perez would go back to talking about celebrities and not wade into politics. But he did.

Now the religious right has a new darling and she is now become a spokesperson for the National Organization for [Opposite Sex] Marriage. Perez handed her to them on a silver platter. Great.

She does deserve to lose the California title. Not because of her personal beliefs, but that she is now no longer fulfilling her contractual obligations to the producers of the California contest and she has been making false claims about them as well. Unfortunately, if they do fire her, the religious zealots will make her a martyr.

In happy news: National support for same gender marriage rose nine point in one month.

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Paid for by an anonymous group that may or may not be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


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I'll be your friend..
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Pretty damn cool! Who'da thunk Iowa. Now with the veto override in Vermont, the religious right's collective panties must all be in a twist.
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I guess Obama figures all queens like show tunes. Come to think of it, I think I have the 2 disc set that has all these songs.

Obama's iPod gift includes 40 Broadway show tunes

By The Associated Press

President Barack Obama's gift of an iPod to Queen Elizabeth II came loaded with 40 songs from popular Broadway productions, including "The King and I," "West Side Story" and "Dreamgirls." The iPod was given to accompany a rare coffee table book of songs by composers Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, which Obama also gave the queen.


Songs on the iPod AreCollapse )
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Proposed Amendment to the California Constitution - Protect the Religious Rights of the Deceased
 "No organization may perform rites on behalf of or count among its membership a decedent without the written permission of the person or the executor of their estate."
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Wanna  bet this is exactly why the Yes on 8 Campaign was trying to hide the disclosures?! They weren't trying to protect the $100 donors from harassment as they claim; they were trying to keep the Mormon Church from more bad publicity. If you were following the case, the Yes on 8 side claimed all major contributions had been reported and that there were only those less than $1000 to report. They lied again!

Mormon church reports spending $180,000 on Proposition 8
By Jessica Garrison
Los Angeles Times

Top officials with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints filed reports Friday indicating that they donated more than $180,000 in in-kind contributions to Proposition 8, the November ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage in California.

The contributions included tens of thousands of dollars for expenses such as airline tickets, hotel and restaurant bills and car-rental bills for top church officials such as L. Whitney Clayton, along with $96,849.31 worth of "compensated staff time" for church employees.

The church said the expenditures took place between July 1 and the end of the year. The church's involvement has been a major issue in the campaign and its aftermath. Individual Mormon families donated millions -- by some estimates more than $20 million -- of their own money to the campaign.

On top of that, some Prop. 8 opponents say church officials violated election law by failing to file campaign disclosure reports outlining church funds being spent on the campaign. Fred Karger, who filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission after the election alleging that church officials had not properly disclosed their involvement, said he thought today's filing proves that his complaint has merit.

"They said they reported all their travel ... now, when there is a [complaint filed] they disclose 25 Southwest tickets just in October," he said. "They were required to report this" in an earlier filing, he said.

Church officials could not be reached for comment this evening.
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